Create high-quality lessons for novels.

ALEE is a digital planning tool designed by former educators to support you in creating rigorous lesson plans for books.

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ALEE transforms the teacher experience

At ALEE, we believe in the power of good books and good teachers. Instead of spending 7-12 hours looking for materials, ALEE provides you with everything you need to teach a book effectively – all in one place – without compromising quality.

“I think our kids could have a better literary learning experience because of how much ALEE supports the teacher to plan and build with criticality and intention.”

District Superintendent with 7 schools

What can ALEE do for me?

Helps you differentiate

Our instructional engagements are scaffolded in multiple directions. Our content is aligned to Common Core State Standards at multiple grade levels and each engagement consists of three levels of teacher prompting, helping you meet the needs of your learners at all levels.

Provides you support and autonomy

ALEE is not a scripted curriculum. We provide you with quality teaching suggestions, called engagements, and you choose what is best for your students. You’re able to use our content flexibly to build lesson plans that can be saved and adjusted for future years.

Saves you time

Our goal is to save you hours per week. For every book in our library, we provide: high-level chapter analysis, high-quality paired texts, and standards-aligned, scaffolded teaching suggestions so that you can teach each book effectively.

ALEE - Made for Teachers by Teachers

Made for Teachers by Teachers

We respect the people who have made the decision to go into the teaching profession and understand that teachers know their students best. ALEE was created by former educators and we are committed to using the power of technology to support and empower teachers, not replace them.

The Promise of Education Starts With Teachers