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Empowering teachers at all experience levels to create engaging and challenging lesson plans leading to dramatic professional growth and student gains.


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Basic Features:

  • Full access to ALEE’s selection of novels
  • Best practices blog
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Each novel includes:

  • Chapter Summaries and literary analysis for each novel
  • Variety of Paired Texts for background knowledge
  • Standards-aligned, scaffolded, and adaptable instructional material
  • Background information about the author


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Providing teachers with the necessary tools to meet the needs of ALL students with access to exclusive content, differentiated materials, and unit assessments.


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Basic Features, Plus:

  • Standards-aligned, scaffolded, and adaptable instructional material at multiple grade levels
  • Lesson plans for paired texts
  • Visual aids to support access to grade level texts for students who need it
  • Lesson plans to support language structure and vocabulary instruction
  • Individualize lesson plans by tagging students without the need for PII

Features Coming Soon:

  • Unit assessments for each novel


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Equipping teachers and administrators with a complete content package and PD Suite that expedites teacher growth and accelerates student achievement.

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All Premium Features Plus New Features Coming Soon:

  • Analytics dashboard for teachers and admin
  • Formative assessments for each novel
  • Specific vocabulary lessons for each chapter of each novel
  • Additional support with Tier-2 instruction including differentiated paired texts and vocabulary preview
  • Access to vetted ALEE Community Lessons Plans
  • Sharable lesson plans with tools for feedback
  • Professional development suite including goal setting and reflection