A teacher. a student. and a book.

The Promise of Education Starts With Teachers

ALEE supports teachers by providing classroom-ready, expertly curated instructional engagements for high-quality literary works.

Alexandria Learning Ecosystem for Educators (ALEE) is a tech-enabled but teacher-first instructional tool that allows teachers to create rigorous lesson plans for books with the guidance of experts. We provide curated instructional content for high-quality literary works by the experts themselves: teachers.


of new teachers are leaving the profession within 5 years.


of teachers feel under-supported and need more support & better tools.

ALEE transforms the teacher experience

Today, teachers are leaving the classroom at incredibly high rates as a result of being under-supported and underprepared for the challenges they face. This problem impacts the quality of education our children receive and further drives inequity.

This is why ALEE was created by teachers for teachers. We’re a tech-enabled, teacher-first instructional tool that believes in the power of good books and good teachers.

ALEE app

Build high-quality lessons with expert guidance from ALEE

What if instead of spending dozens of hours searching for lesson ideas and materials, you had an expert coach by your side? Imagine a streamlined approach to lesson planning that assures your students (all of them) are getting the rigorous instruction they deserve. You never have to vet the quality of our content and you never read from a script. Whether you’ve been teaching for two years or twenty, ALEE meets your needs with a balance of guidance and autonomy.

Meet the needs of ALL Learners

Our instructional engagements are scaffolded in multiple directions. Our content is aligned to Common Core State Standards at multiple grade levels and each engagement consists of three levels of teacher prompting, helping teachers meet the needs of learners at all levels.

Engage and challenge students

At ALEE, we believe that a good book is the best teaching tool. We also believe that there are a lot of books worth reading, but only a few worth teaching–which is why we aren’t focused on volume. We do the heavy lifting of finding the richest books, old and new, to teach your students.

Build your own plans—with support

ALEE is not a scripted curriculum. We provide teachers with quality teaching suggestions, called engagements, and they choose what is best for their students. Teachers are able to use our content flexibly to build lesson plans that can be saved and adjusted for future years.

Get your time back

ALEE content is easy to sift through. We know that time is your most precious resource, so we make sure that our platform is easy to use by allowing teachers to search by a variety of curricular requests such as standards, literary devices, comprehension strategies, and book titles.

Feel empowered and respected

ALEE believes in the power of teachers. Teachers choose how they want to use our content in their lesson plans, providing an important balance of guidance and autonomy. The more teachers use the platform, the more their content expertise deepens.

Get classroom-ready materials 

Our materials are classroom-ready. This means that our instructional materials are backed by research, pedagogically sound, academically accurate, and free from harmful information — this means our materials require absolutely no teacher review. 

Made for Teachers by Teachers

ALEE’s founder and CEO, Marjorie McKeown, has not only worked in education for over a decade, as a teacher, principal, and school leader, she’s also served as president of Matterlab Enrollment, where she effectively built strategies to successfully work with over 100 schools and districts to achieve their enrollment goals.

Marjorie has a deep understanding of the K-12 education landscape and understands the complexities behind teacher retention, training, and support. Marjorie took her expertise to MIT Sloan and graduated with her MBA and an even deeper passion for teacher support.

All of this experience is at the core of why ALEE is leading school districts to retain and cultivate high-quality teachers. Marjorie is innovating the ed-tech sector and transforming what’s possible for teacher-support.

The Promise of Education Starts With Teachers

We want you to try (and fall in love with) ALEE. For a limited time, ALEE will be free for early adopters. Have fun and let us know what you think!