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ALEE is a digital tool that supports educators in creating rigorous and engaging lesson plans for books.


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ALEE helps afterschool and summer school programs maximize their impact

We believe extended learning programs have the potential to change a student’s life. ALEE can help your after school and summer school educators maximize their impact in literacy instruction. Our platform provides instructors with everything they need to teach a book effectively – all in one place.

“I think our kids could have a better literary learning experience because of how much ALEE supports the teacher to plan and build with criticality and intention.”

District Superintendent with 7 schools

ALEE helps you:

Close the gap

In light of the pandemic and its impact on our youth, afterschool and summer school instruction have become more essential than ever. Our content is aligned to Common Core Standards at multiple grade levels and is differentiated to meet the needs of all learners. Our rigorous and engaging content will support instructors at all experience levels in closing the gap.

Offer asynchronous training

It isn’t uncommon for instructors to have an additional job on top of their program responsibilities, making it difficult to schedule time for professional development. ALEE provides ongoing professional development for instructors through interaction with our high-quality materials, providing them with an opportunity to improve skills and develop content expertise on their own time.

Complement school day instruction

Studies show, “successful educational programs integrate learning activities that complement what children are learning during the school year.” For each book in our library, we provide: high-level chapter analysis, high-quality paired texts, and engaging teaching suggestions so that extended learning programs and school day programs can be more aligned in their approach to teaching literacy.

Made for Teachers by Teachers

Career Pathways

ALEE was created by former teachers and we are committed to using the power of technology to support and empower educators. We know that many afterschool and summer school instructors have the intention of becoming full time teachers. We want to help. Using ALEE expedites the learning curve and helps to prepare instructors at all levels.

Maximize the impact of extended learning programs